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this, breech of policy but a staff member. >> the superintendent says a registered sex offender should not have been on a school bus full of high school students. he says the man was with a parent of one student. they were with juniors and seniors on a field trip to deanza college. the two did not ride over on the bus but found themselves without a ride home. >> on the way home, we have parent volunteer who is wheelchair found with another abullet request a ride back on the bus to andrew hill, our staff member aloud that to happen. >> a parent contacted the superintendent who sent out a leter to parents. >> this is no good for the kids. hopefully, it won't happen again. >> this shouldn't happen. oh, my goodness.
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well, we need to find out. >> the superintendent and police have been asking questions determining the man hat sath in the front of the bus a few rows from kids. >> based on our internal investigation and preliminary investigation there is is no reaction with this adult and our students. >> he now plans to retrain faculty. >> that is my college that our district is not arou loued to happen it again. >> jos plees tell me the school policy was broken and that is what the superintendent is worried about. >> a former web producer for a sacramento tv station has been charged with conspiring with members of the hacker group anonymous. kathy-sh matthew keys indicted today, charged with providing pass words to servers. he worked briefly as i web producer here at abc 7 before
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moving on to routers. >> a protest over disputed access to a bay area beach. a group of surfers filed a lawsuit to regain access to a beach that has been gated. today the surfers and former congressman climbed over gate to demand the road be reopened to the public. martin's beach road is the only way to access the beach. the road was closed in 2008. >> it's illegal to sell. pardon me. you can't put a gate on the public beach in california. people have the right to go down here since god knows when. i mean, 47, i went down there. >> sheriff deputies were on the scene today but did not fight or stop anyone from crossing the gate. the property owner lawyer says he's anxious to have the court decide. >> it's foggy there today. cooler throughout the bay area. >> yes. spencer chris hin has the
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bayday off. sandhya patel is here now with an accuweather update. >> you'll see clouds increased and we have fog at the coast. temperatures have been running cooler it's not advancing. let's try to do this one more time. we'll have problem was the computer, i'll be back a look at the forecast in just a few minute autos pope francis celebrated his first mass today at the vatican and it gave insight. >> this is where he was elected. his first sermon was informal and off the cuff there was a reference to children building sand castle autos and pope francis has put his humility on display instead of taking a sedan set aside for the pope, he rode the bus with other
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cardinals to pick up his own luggage from his hotel. >> he then stopped in the main office, greeted everyone and decided to pay the bill for his room that he's been occupying. he was concerned of giving a good example. >> the difference is evident in the pope's wardrobe. he september a -- kept a simple cross and wor the simple white vest instead of the red cape when presented to the world. >> new at 4:00 uc students will to the get hit with another tuition increase this fall but a small surcharge will continue to be added to the bill. >> why students say they should not have to pay this fee. >> it's only $60 a year. still, many uc students say the surcharge seems unfair. >> rather than just turning to students every time, including fees on students. >> students have been forced
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to dish out $60 a year since 2007. facing massive cuts, uc officials unexpectedly raised tuition in 2003. uc had also reassured graduate students they would see no tuition hikes. the courts later found uc raids fees and ruled that those former students had to be reimbursed. and it's today's students who are paying for that reimbursement through the surcharge. >> money has to come from somewhere. >> regents voted to extend that surcharge through 2018 to finish paying off the last of the lawsuit judgment. >> increases were a result of funding cuts now, the surcharge one third goes to financial aid. so that is benefiting our neediest students. >> it will bring in $91
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million by the time it expires in 2018. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> the price of paper grocery bags will go up for shoppers in parts of santa cruz county. they pay a dime for paper bags they take from the store. now, fees will more than doubl a quarter. the higher bag costs will apply to stores in santa cruz county one year after the county banned plastic shopping bags. the law will require restaurants to start charging for bags next month. >> happening now in downtown san jose, going online while on the move just got faster. today, mayor reed unveiled a free wi-fi snfs a one and a half square mile area going from the center of the performing arts to san jose state university using the fiber network and dozens of new antennas from a company called ruckus wireless to super charge web speed. >> we've been able to push the boundaries of typical wi-fi
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mesh design. offering two to four times faster speeds an thorj comfortable networks. >> it's similar to the speed of a dsl land line. users can connect by selecting the wickedly fast network. i like the name. wicked fast. it will be used to process transitions in downtown parking meters. >> state treasurer withdrawn papers to divorce his wife. former alameda county supervisor nadya lockyear following her resignation from her seat in april after admitting to drug addiction and an affair. nadya lockyear just finished a six-month stay in a rehab program. a speck spokesman says the couple agreed to try to work things out. >> still ahead, why facebook is looking to take twitter's favorite symbol. >> a special day for math enthusiasts. the story just ahead. >> forget about the stimulus, how about tacos?
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creating thousands of new jobs. >> then at 4:30 why you shouldn't gatorade shower your coach indoors. >> it comes with hazard autos speaking of, which traffic is really slow going at mcarthur maze going from left to right. it's on interstate 80 headed towards berkeley. it's better but still kind of snaking into a slow speed on the righthand side. those folks heading back towards 580. back
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breaking news in southern california a rescue in pacific pal saids one person has been rescued in this trench. these are live pictures. 100 firefighters are assisting. officials sate men they expect construction workers were stuck about six feet below ground. the man pulled out was sent to the hospital. his vital signs said to be pine. we'll have the latest on our web site abc 7 >> those folk who's didn't file taxes in 2009 better hurry if they expect to get a refund. the irs says there is $817 million in unclaimed tax refunds and time is running out to claim the cash. refunds owed to nearly a million people. irs says taxpayers must file by april 15th of this year if they don't that money becomes property of the u.s. treasury. in case you're wondering there is no penalty for filing a
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late return that qualifies for a refund. >> these are crazy good times for taco bell. the chain says it hired 15,000 new employees as a result of the popularity of the doritos tacos. taco bell sold 375 million of the tacos last year more than a million per day. taco bell officials expect more growth with the recent addition of the cool ranch flavor tacos they believe they'd al add 2,000 restaurants in 10 year autos facebook reportedly looking to snag twitter's hash zpag bad news for google reader fans. >> good afternoon, larry and carolyn. the book is closing on google reader, google shutting down the rss service on july 1.
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the company says usage is declining and it wants to focus on fewer products. the decision sparking anger in fans who are venting on twit jer have started a petition to keep the service going. nintendo ordered to pay to a former sony employy. a jury found the system infringed on a patent held by a japanese inventor. nintendo says it's confident verdicts will be thrown out. amazon cutting the price of it's larger kindel tablet. now starting at $269 instead of $299 and 4 g starting at $399 instead of $499. cuts make the larger kindel cheaper ant ipad minutey. cam amazon launching a larger kindel today.
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the dow's longest rally since 1996 and pushing close to breaking it's record high. your bloomberg silicon valley index gaining on shares of apple and ora cell. and facebook may be making a move toin vaid twitter but using it's hash tag working to incorporate it to into its service and may allow user to pull up similar posts as you can see, on twitter. not clear how much along facebook hash tag integration is. sources tell the paper it will likely take more time to develop. back to you. >> thank you, emily. >> hundreds of people converged on san francisco water front today to celebrate the live of pi. the number, not the movie. >> it's national pi day.
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to celebrate the math constant that begins with 3.141 and stretches. staffers hosted a number of events, one of the pi-lights, the sky flipping pie dough. >> it's march 14th if you agree it's 3.14. sheer how they're celebrating pi day at 49ers headquarters. niners tweeted out this pick turk not a lot of math, those thoe pecan pie there looks pretty good with a chocolate sf. look but it's there. we had apple pie in the studio today. >> that is right. right. >> i missed my piece. >> yes. sandhya is in for spencer today. >> those who are late for pi. >> people going share, share. >> right. exactly. >> hopefully, next time he'll think of us, cooler weather
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today. temperatures are going to continue to go down for the weekend. and will introduce rain. changes coming up. let me show you right now, and you'll notice that we have a lot of cloud cover. temperatures did come down as mentioned a good three to 10 degrees and looking from our south beach camera, some peaks of blue. it's 55 in san francisco. 70 degrees in san jose. and speaking of san jose, you can see nice-looking day. temperatures loi 70s so far running cooler than where you were. sun continues to be filtered by high clouds, temperatures now 70 degrees in santa rosa. and here is what is coming up tonight. mostly cloudy skies. overnight, cool to mild for friday. dry throughout the weekend. but rain appearing next week. now, computer models getting bullish with possibilities of rain tuesday into wednesday. here is a look at satellite picture this, is the cloud cover you're seeing in advance
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of the area of high pressure. so high clouds continuing tlaut the weekend. you'll see clouds clearing. more clouds come in. it will just continue to be that way as we head into friday afternoon. it will be a nice day. looking at morning lows starting out into low 40s to low 50s fog forming and returning but i don't think it is going to be quite as dense with cloud cover overhead it's going to be a while before we can see clearing. so tomorrow afternoon, 74 in the south bay. 72 degrees in santa cruz. 68 san mateo. coastal areas you're going to hang on to gray skies. 57 pacifica. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees, daily city, 58. mid-70s santa rosa.
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clear lake, 75. east bay, mild conditions, 71 in oakland. 70 in newark, inland temperatures warmer an average. pleasanton, 75 in livermore. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. temperatures remaining in the same range. st. patrick's day, dry but cooler mid-50s to low 70s. a change in numbers monday, then, by tuesday rain coming back to the bay area, wednesday, first day of spring will feature showers, how appropriate. i didn't get pie either. >> right. right. >> he keeps digging in. >> it's nice to have you back. by the way. >> up next, can you spell
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sorry? one california girl's reward after she was mistakenly eliminated from a spelling bee. >> and here we go again. another carnival cruise vacation gone wrong. the plans to get these passengers home.
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school officials making
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amendments to a fresno county girl because of a mistake in a spelling bee. but it didn't come easy. >> this is bad. the 12-year-old eliminated from the spelling bee last week. the judge claimed she spelled the word braille incorrectly. she spelled it properly but nobody spoke up. >> i didn't want to say anything because you know the word master tells you a word is wrong you don't argue. i was kind of like what? i looked around at the audience, half of looking at each other. >> people in the audience were looking around and murm youring but nobody spoke up. she got the second place trophy and sent on her way. everyone knew she spelled it right an appeal filed on her behalf was denied her school appealed and won. that means she'll allowed to compete in the fresno county
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bee. the judge had left off an l. >> way to go, sierra.. >> she handled it beautifully. >> she was classy about it. >> baby news for michael bubl ee. justin beiber back in the headlines defending himself. >> justin beibe re. r went on a big rant. he wrote how tired he is of the lies in the press saying it's based on stupidity. he wrote, quote, i'm 19 with five number one albums, 19 and i've seen the world. 19 and i've accomplished more than i could have dreamed of that i could have dreamed don't think i deserve this negative press. michael cane turns 80 today.
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to celebrate muse assume of london opens an exhibit in his honor its like when they do a lifetime achievement award they go through movies. for half an hour you watch yourself age 60 years but i only look at young ones so it's okay. >> michael announced his wife's pregnancy now we've learned the grammy winner is having a boy. his next album released april 23. go to for more celebrity baby news. >> still ahead head of the tsa stands by his policy allowing pocketknifes on plane planes. plus. >> i'm in the a sixth grader, i've been on this committee 20 years. >> gun debate gets heated. what made dianne feinstein spar with a colleague today. >> in the delta what a new
4:25 pm
plan means for those who depend on this vital water way. >> i'm michael finney. blenders can be one of the best appliances to have but do you have to spend hundreds of dollars for the best one?
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the head of the tsa defended his decision to allow small pocketknifes on airplanes responding to critics saying it's a bad idea. more now from washington, d.c.. >> a knife fight in congress. lawmakers grilled tsa administrator about his decision to allow small knifes, golf clubs and hockey sticks on planes. >> this is a big deal. and i'm trying to figure out how this could not be perceived something potentially dangerous to them, to the people on planes. >> we focus on objects then, we're always behind the 8 ball. >> saying hardened cockpit doors make it difficult to hijack a blaen a knife. he'd rather screeners focus on bigger threats since as ieds. >> small knifes are not going to result in failure of an
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aircraft. >> the decision has set off a fire storm with major airlines and unions voicing outrage. today, screeners gathered at the capitol. >> we know anyway you slice it a knife like this is a weapon. it doesn't belong on an airplane. >> not now, not ever. >> box cutters like the ones the september 11th attacks hijackers used would be banned but the poll say lous folding blades and goes into affect april 25th. congress introduce aid bill to stop the plan from getting off the round. >> carnival cruise lines is flying passengers home from another stranded liner. the dream liner docked at st. martin about 200 miles east of
4:30 pm
porto reeko a generator failed causing outages to elevators and toilets. one passenger said it was just a mess. >> two separate tests of the el vitors and toilets they've had to shut them down several hours. last evening they were overflowing. down into the common areas on the main floors. >> last month a fire crippled the carnival triumph leaving passengers stranded for five days without working toilets or power. 4200 passengers had to sleep on the deck autos a federal assault well wep ons ban will force a vote today. senators voted for the bill along party lines 10-8. rejecting several attempts to exempt certain people from the law. the debate featured a heated exchange between ted cruise and dianne feinstein its seems
4:31 pm
to me all of us should begin as our foundational document with the constitution. and the second amendment and bill of rights provides right of the foam keep and bear arms should not be infringed. >> i'm not a sixth grader. i was a mayor nine years. i walked in. i saw people shot. i looked at bodies shot with these weapons. i've seen the bullets that implode in an instant. >> feinstein refer together assassination of supervisor harvey milk. president obama proposed the ban after december' deadly shooting in connecticut. and coming up at 4:55 family who's lost children in that sandy hook shooting have come to the bay air with some ideas to reduce gun violence. >> seven years in the making. california department of water resources released first stage of the plan to rebuild the
4:32 pm
delta. governor brown supports it, others lining up to criticize it before hearings begin. laura? >> under this plan just upstream there would be three new intake pumps channeling water south to two huge underground tunnels. the project has been reduced by 40%, some critics remain far from satisfied. this plan is about resolving some resource management conflicts. >> with that, the director released a draft of the first chapters of the plan pla plan. >> our plan isn't without controversy. no plan of this magnitude could be. because of the efforts into working through tough issues, this plan enjoys an unprecedented amount of consensus. >> the 50-year plan includes building three new inlets or
4:33 pm
pumps in the northern part of the delta channeling water to two 35 mile underground tunnels then linking up with the pumps in the south delta. >> we're talking about restoration and this could be observeable from space. >> the draft includes 22 measures, 214 goals and protection to 57 species including endangered delta smelt. this video provided by department of water resource ootz plan proposes to restore, protect and manage almost 16,000 acres of sand hill. swanson's hawk. >> the critics say whatever environment benefits it contains are outweighed by short comings. >> i think every responsible person knows that with the
4:34 pm
delta needs is more fresh watt yerk not less. the tunnels upstream from the delta means less fresh water going into the delta. >> this draft plan is being released in three stages over two months. first public meeting on this stage is next week in sacramento. golden gate salmon association is opposed. we'll hear from them tonight at 6:00. >> strong holiday season wasn't strong enough for second harvest food bank. food bank officials say dispute generosity they maced their $12 million goal by $300,000 saying unless they can raise funds 600,000 meals will not be available. if you'd like to help go to abc 7 news and click on see it on tv.
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>> international rivalries will collide in the world baseball classic. workers busy hang bunting at the giants' home today, japan plays a yet to be determine opponent. another will follow on monday. the game will be on tuesday. restaurants are expecting a lot of extra business. the city perfect jekting fans will spend over $850,as they enjoy team baseball. everybody wants to see team usa. >> of course,. >> a sports celebration goes wrong. and the winning coach isn't the only victim here. >> plus, one man's efforts to keep a shark from beach growers lands him in hot
4:36 pm
water. >> from our camera, clouds overhead and rain is on the way. >> taking a look at san francisco skyway it's very slow going for drivers in both directions. left side of the screen are drivers trying to make their way ee. folks on the rift heading to the anyone sla and beyond.
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it's not often an act of heoism will cost someone his job but that is what happened to a british man. >> he and two other men were videotaped tangling with a shark yanking it from waiters on a beach. this video amazed everybody but not marshal's boss back home. >> the boss fired him. the british man was at the beach on leave from work related stress. he says his doctor advised him to take a vacation. >> you won't think go together beach would be more stressful than going to work. >> looks like you're tangling with a shark. >> a tradition is celebrating a sports victory fell flat on its face for a community college basketball team in nebraska. >> take a look. players doused the coach with a cooler of water but unexpectedly the coach took a header there on the floor.
4:40 pm
>> the video taken by the granddaughter on the cell phone and it's gone viral. >> he is fine. he is sore because he caught himself but he was laughing like crazy. and it just unfolded from there and has gone crazy. >> now, a second person who came out of the stands to help also slipped and went down. the video is exploded with almost 1.9 million hits on you tube in just three days. the gatorade shower goes back to new york giants in mid-80s. it's been going on. bill parcels was the first guy to get doused. a. >> let's get another check on the forecast now. >> here is sandhya. >> going to be dry for the weekend. next week right now, we have some harmless clouds passing
4:41 pm
throughout bay area right now. tomorrow, state wide temperatures pretty hot in palm springs 97 degrees, los angeles morning fog. 78 for sacramento. 79 chico. 62 degrees and we're looking at sun and clouds. here in the bay area high clouds overhead in the afternoon and low clouds lingering near the coast. 65 in san francisco. 59 half moon bay. temperatures mid-70s. and st. patrick's day parade taking place this saturday as it works from second and market street to civic center plaza looking good for that parade. temperatures in low 60s at the start. falling by 5:00 p.m. going to get breezy so prepare accordingly. just take a layer if you're going. the rain doesn't arrive until tuesday next week. heading into wednesday.
4:42 pm
>> we like that timing. >> yes. get the weekend in, then, the rain in. >> up next quick thinking action of an air traffic controller saves life of a pilot who nearly passed out behind controls. >> i'm michael finney. details on a major hand honda recall ask taking a look at blender chz is right for your
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an air traffic controller in texas being singled out for quick thinking that may have saved a pilot's live. >> radio check please. >> that is bad. >> you can tell he didn't sound good. air traffic controller was talking to the pilot who was in distress and recognized the pilot's slurred speech signaled he was suffering from low oxygen levels. she ordered him to bring his fleen a lower altitude. >> we knew it was that bad. if we didn't give him started to descend, he can die it went on several minutes before hollingsworth got the pilot to descend then land before he passed out. hollingsworth received an
4:46 pm
award at a bank qet last week. >> honda announces a recall of hundreds of thousands of vehicles. >> michael finney joins us now. >> zombie breaking this time. yes. honda recalling 180,000 cars because of breaking problems saying issue with the vehicle's electric stability control system. it can cause the car to brake when the driver isn't pressing on the pedal including 2005 honda pilots, 2005 acura rl is on the list as is 2006 acura mdx. honda says it will contact customers next month with details about how to schedule a repair. you don't need to contact them. >> interesting. these are older model cars. >> yes. >> michael has a report on the
4:47 pm
best blenders on the market. >> blenders are great for making drinks and soups but consumer reports shop start wanted to know if you had to pay a lot to get a great one. testers sized up the blenders. when it comes to blenders everyone is getting in on the action. consumer reports tested more than 50. testers evaluated sandra lee's blender this ninja and this blender from bon appetite. consumer reports sized up a glenn tech and two vita mix blenders. blenlders can do a bunch of different tasks but performance varies so we put them to their paces. >> testers crush ice, running wlend blender 20 seconds to
4:48 pm
see how the end results are. and they pureed soups and this blender didn't deliver on frozen drinks. worse was sandra lee's blender. it could barely crush ice. there are ice cubes left in the p nismt a colada. as for the vita mix both did an excellent job on tests performed by consumer reports. >> you don't need to spend that much to get a great blender. >> the super versatile ninja prep aced the test, too. pureeing and mixing up a great drink. consumer reports also recommends $100 kitchen aid model. ksb 565.
4:49 pm
it wasn't good as pureeing as ninja was it offers a glass container, five speeds and sleek controls. and you can strain that pina colada and it will be fine. >> coming up next, sandy hook promise, parents teeming up with tech leader autos why they think silicon valley can help. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 a controversial plan to suspend test taking for some students, next, the unlakely figure to come out in support of the idea a popular guarderning program at an east bay school could be on the chopping block.
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4:52 pm
today marks the three months since the massacre in
4:53 pm
newtown, connecticut. >> parents and luminaries came together in an effort to reduce gun violence. >> it's not unusual to hear people who lost loved ones to gun violence they feel compelled to action to try to prevent a similar tragedy from happening to anyone else, it's unusual to have some of the biggest minds and biggest bank accounts in the nation tech industry behind them in that goal. on december 14th20 first graders were murdered. among them, 7-year-old daniel barredden. >> three months ago today i held his little hand as we walked to the bus. kissed him goodbye. as you know would be the last time. >> the next day, a grass roots
4:54 pm
organization called sandy hook promise was launched by friends and neighbors of the victims. today, in san francisco, sandy hook promise joined by a dream team of tech industry venture capitolists and angel investors to announce they're backing innovation if gun safety and mental health, and school safety. smart gun technologies are promising. >> some include pass codes ask others electronic firing pins. others, rfids. >> this 6-year-old was this couple's only child. they're scientist who's want to pursue brain imaging technology. >> we don't know enough. we can't identify and intervene before people become violent unless we know what to look for. and how to treat it. >> dylan would have turned 7 last friday. his mother hopes this is a turning point for the nation. this morning she met with bay
4:55 pm
area families who lost kids to gun violence. >> the look of pain has become all too familiar to me. the same pain i see in the families who lost loved ones on 12-14 and i now see every time i look in the mirror. >> so far, 30 venture capitolists and investors signed on, promising to help fund and newer tour promising companies to maturity and the market. >> heather, thank you. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm larry beil. the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> a south bay teacher busted for child porn. did he use any young kids he taught? >> and unintended consequences
4:56 pm
from furloughing state workers why billions saved are disappearing. >> clouds now, rain in the future i'll be back with the forecast coming up. >> a trusted teacher arrested accused of possessing and sharing child pornography. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> police say he taught nearly a dozen schools and is among the worst of the worst based on the enormous number of pictures found. allen? >> yes. we found out he'd been a substitute teacher here for four years .s police say this guy went out of his way to erase trace of his name on the internet. he must have been confident because he was one of the more active child porn offenders online.
4:57 pm
in a sting police say they caught the 44-year-old trying to share his files of children between four and 9 years of eastbound age. >> most of the collections we run into will average from 100 to 500 image autos detectives say he had a thousand clips of children. >> there are so many suspects out there that are sharing child pornography. we have to pick the worst of the worst he was arrested yesterday in the monterey county community of seaside. he's been a teacher for a month but spent four years substitute teaching in sans jose's allen rock stool skool district. >> whenever this happens it's like getting punched in the stomach. >> the superintendent says forsteel taught at 11 of the districts 27 schools and prior to that, substitute taught 13 years in new york, florida, and california.
4:58 pm
>> greatest fear is that this goes beyond just possession of child porn that he tried to influence students he has been released with out bail but was not at his apartment today. >> 20 kids hang around there is play. >> the search found no tofdz show he was producing child important but now, police want parents to find out if the children may have been victimized by him. >> i don't know. it's a hard one. i will not know how to talk to him about that. >> with resources the unit says it makes about two to three arrests per week about 125 per year saying it's just a fraction of the offenders out there. >> so difficult to talk to children about child abuse, you can call your local
4:59 pm
prevention center for advice. we have a web site for you called enough >> new details about how a registered sex offender ended up on a bus with high school students in sab san jose. it's a story we broke last night at 11:00. we learned he was with a parent. the soup says he never should have been let on to that bus with the high school students. >> we have a parent volunteer wheelchair bound with another adult request a ride back on the bus. because they did not have a ride. >> according to the lease the man sat row as way from kids and did not have interaction with students. the superintendent says he plans to

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